About us

About Us


At 3xF we know proper exercise and nutrition can be transformative by significantly improving quality of life and preventing or reversing chronic disease. Our mission is to impact the health of our community by impacting 300 families in Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro.

The mission of 3xF is to intimately know and serve 300 families and make better husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers. We want to provide an all encompassing solution that leads to healthier family units that promote generational health and wellness.

We know changes in psyche are equally as important as changes in physiology. In order to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, we must treat the whole person. 

We believe treating the whole person requires:

 Providing fun community-based exercise 

 Improving nutritional habits

 Fostering an atmosphere of caring and camaraderie

 Recognizing an individual’s challenges and accomplishments

As 3xF staff members we have a personal responsibility to understand these requirements of treating the

whole person as we impact lives in our community. Anyone taking the big step towards becoming a healthier community member will be embraced by the 3xF family.


In January of 2024 we are housed in facilities capable of accommodating as many services as our clients find valuable, our business finds profitable, and aligns with our vision. The equipment and facilities are spotless, the lighting is bright and the staff and clients are constantly smiling. There are multiple training floors and private offices all of which are occupied by functional fitness, kids classes, nutrition coaching, specialty programs, personal training and more. Everyone is greeted by a full-time staff member stationed behind a beautiful modern front desk and the whole place smells like fresh linens. You can hear the chatter of staff and clients as they exchange inside jokes with people they know intimately. 



The large majority of our staff are full-time employees that are 100% committed to our member experience. We hold monthly staff development meetings where the collaborative attitude between staff members is immediately apparent. Staff regularly purchase services at cost from other staff members because they see tremendous value and they make enough money to have no problem affording them. Our Instructor training program is now a paid program that exceeds the needs of staffing our facility and it consistently produces top-notch coaches. 

Our staff consistently pursues continuing education because they are growth oriented and the company has an outstanding education reimbursement program. Our staff has very clear goals in what they want to accomplish in their programs and have clear career paths that lead to fulfilling work. Our staff are consistently recognized as experts in their fields and are consulted with and interviewed by local media and nationally recognized podcasts. 

Our full-time staff has the time freedom and financial means to leave the country for vacation twice per year. Everyone is consistently on time and respectful to one another personally and professionally. Employees are appreciative of the opportunity to do such fulfilling work and spend more time in the gym than is required because they love spending time in such a positive atmosphere.


3xF is a place where you can get anything you need in regards to health and fitness. This includes offerings such as cooking classes, collaborative food prep days, mindfulness, meditation, finances and other educational seminars available to the community. Because of a prolific kids program that graduates one class into the next, we have the ability to take individuals from Pre-K classes and transition them all the way into our adults programs. 

We now release a daily fitness related podcast and have amassed an impressive local following. Our social media presence is professionally crafted and has a consistent branded appearance. We have little need for paid advertising because our high value content is repurposed and shared on multiple platforms to make us omnipresent in people’s lives. When people talk about us in the community we are referenced as a health campus where anyone can go to live better lives.