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Joby Shreckhise – Owner of 3xF

Thanks for your interest in improving your health and fitness through our 6 Week At-Home Transformation. I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you lose weight, get strong, and experience energy they haven’t had in years! Give us your 100% effort, follow the plan, and you’ll love the way you’ll feel in 6 weeks!

Only 12 Spots Available in for our At-Home Challenge

When you commit to transforming your life with our 6-week program, you’ll get…

  • Daily workout delivery customized to your goals and available equipment


  • Daily workout accountability to make sure you’re getting it done


  • Nutrition Coaching And Accountability 


  • Video conference goal setting 


  • Constantly Varied Workouts so you NEVER Get Bored


  • Attendance Tracking, Phone Call And Text Check-ins To Hold You Accountable


  • Workout Scaling And Modifications So That Our Workouts Are Most Appropriate for YOU

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Women and men ready to turn their body into a fat-burning machine from the safety of their homes.

When you show up ready to work, you’re going to:

Get Personalized Workout customized for you – Top athletes have coaches pushing them beyond their limits… with our coaches by your side, you’ll start your workout strong, stay focused throughout the challenge and finish strong with a new, powerful physique staring back at you!

Activate Muscles You Didn’t Know You Had – Through our proven Results-Driven Coaching methods, you will start feeling muscles, and moving your body in ways most of our members never thought possible.

Know Exactly What To Eat To Fuel Your New Body – With custom nutrition planning you’re going to start using food as fuel… turn your body into a fat-burning furnace and rev up your metabolism… without sacrificing your favorite foods or eating like a rabbit.


Here at 3xF we’re here for YOUR results. We are driven solely by the fat you burn, the muscles you build, and the goals you crush.
With over 10 years combined experience supporting powerful, physique boosting transformations… our proven weight-loss formula is ready for it’s next success story… YOU.

By combining fun, intense training sessions, alongside a comprehensive nutrition program and lifestyle support, we will get you fitter, leaner, happier and healthier than you’ve ever been.

Only 9 Spots Available in Fishersville for our Upcoming Challenge

Right now you have two choices…

CHOICE 1 – You can stay on the current path you’re on… feeling out of shape, holding onto unnecessary belly fat, feeling tired all day, and hardly sleeping at night… feeling weak with hardly enough energy to get through the workday, let alone be a great parent.

Or CHOICE 2 – Forge a new path…

Start feeling powerful…

Look at yourself in the mirror and feel PRIDE in what you see…. Stop covering up your belly, wearing clothes that you think make you look slim (but only hide the fact you’ve given up)… and Start living the life you’re meant to.
Finally say goodbye to feeling like a failure and say hello to feeling like a Superhero!

Strong. Tight. Fit. Energetic. Powerful!
100% Possible For YOU!

But only if you act on this right now.

It’s the right thing to do… for you, for your family, for everyone who looks to you for inspiration (and they do… even if you don’t know it).

The time is now… but you need to act fast.

HURRY! Only 9 Spots Available in Fishersville for our Upcoming Challenge

You got this! We’ll see you in the gym!

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