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Guest Pass

Do you have a friend that wants to see exactly what you can’t stop talking about? What better way to fill them in than to have them experience a class for themselves! Anyone with a 10 times a month or more membership has one guest pass to use each month. To request a class reservation for a guest just use the link below to request a spot in class with you. 

 Guest Pass Registration

The Level Method is an innovative system to manage and progress our community so each individual gets a workout that is most appropriate for their fitness level. At its core is the MAP (Method of Athletic Progression), a series of fitness assessments designed to measure what you’re good at and what you need to work on.

There are seven broad Levels of achievement, from novice to expert, correlated to the belt ranks of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Levels are determined by passing objective assessments across 15 categories of fitness. Once you gain an understanding of your Level in these categories, you’ll be able to pick the variation of the workout in class that is most appropriate for you. In each training session you’ll have 5 variations to choose from; white, yellow, orange, blue and purple.

Using the Level Method is like taking turn by turn directions to your fitness destination.

As a member of the 3xF family, you’ll have access to the Level Method app so you can easily track your progress from your phone.

Click the link below to create your Level Method Account and use gym code 3xf.

Body Composition Testing

It’s important to know that you’re making progress in what’s important to you! Unfortunately societies litmus test for fitness progress has always been the scale. The problem with the scale is it doesn’t tell the full story of fat-loss and muscle gain. 

To get a clear picture of how our members are transforming their bodies 3xF provides one of the most accurate and efficient ways to assess body composition change. The InBody Scan.

In as little as 15 seconds you’ll know your body fat percentage, muscle-mass, body water, and basal metabolic rate. Create your unique ID and have your changes plotted over time every time you scan!

Check out the schedule below for the most recent availability to get your InBody Scan done. No need to reserve your spot to get your scan done simply show up and a coach will be there to take care of you. Before your scan, be sure to follow the guidelines from the video below to ensure the most accurate results!

InBody Schedule

March 1st – 13th

March 14th – 28th