The definition of fitness is functional movements that are constantly varied and performed at high intensity.  Though every fitness location is different, we all subscribe to these principles to achieve results for people from all walks of life who are all starting their health and fitness journeys at different points.

When you walk into a fitness “box”, you will immediately see it is different than a traditional gym.  You generally won’t find treadmills or lots of large pieces of weight equipment and machines. That is because you are the machine and fitness will make you more functional in life by teaching you efficient and safe movement and mechanics that apply to everyday life.  At 3xF we have Beginners and All-Levels classes 6 days a week which we encourage members to utilize for as long as they need to learn proper movement patterns.
Variety is the spice of life, and that should apply to your exercise routine.  Constantly varied training not only keeps your workouts fun and interesting, it prevents your results from plateauing and prepares you for everyday life.  On any given day with fitness, you could encounter a 30 minute workout that develops your aerobic capacity, you may focus more on strength training, you may learn a new skill, or you may see all those things at once.  However, it would be a mistake to assume this variation is done randomly at 3xF. We account for every minute of every class and have a thorough and researched training plan that allows you to track your goals, celebrate your successes, and take on new challenges.  The best part is you just need to show up to take advantage of this training. Everything is planned for you. You just need to try your best to realize your potential.

If you are moving well and having fun doing something different everyday, you are bound to attack your workouts with gusto, which is going to mean you see results faster and get the most out of each day.  High intensity may sound daunting, but that really only means you are doing your best for that particular day.  Intensity is relative to individuals and looks different from person to person. Intensity also changes as you change and does not mean you should feel sick or light headed during or after a workout.  At 3xF, we carefully consider the needs of every individual and communicate appropriate options for everyone to make sure you know how to approach each day to your best ability.