Confidence, Vitality, Commitment

CVC classes provide fun, high energy functional strength and aerobic conditioning to students of all fitness levels.

During CVC, you will burn calories and get lean and tone while engaging in movements designed to increase confidence (balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength) and boost energy levels.

Every class will consist of a warm up, an introduction to the day’s workout structure and movements and a 25 minute interval workout. Each class is only 45 minutes which makes it a great option for those squeezing exercise into a busy schedule.

Because CVC workouts are interval based, everyone begins exercising, rests, and finishes at the same time. That way, you don’t feel pressure to perform an exercise faster than what you’re capable. It’s one of the reasons why CVC is a great option for those just starting an exercise regimen who may have no previous experience. We will never ask you to do a certain number of reps or weight, simply work at your pace for the length of the interval.

The three adjectives in the name describe the three intentions of CVC workouts.

  • Confidence – Expect to see the longest intervals of any CVC workouts. The movements will be those that encourage proper posture, stability, and aerobic endurance. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Vitality – These workouts ramp up in intensity over the course of your workout. Your intervals can be as long as a minute with short rests in between. Your heaviest weights and most intense efforts should be saved for your final rounds.
  • Commitment – In these intervals you will often see short intervals in a 1 to 1 work/rest ratio; if you work for 30s you’ll rest for 30s. These workouts afford the opportunity to go the heaviest and the hardest you can for the duration of the workout.
The three types of intervals and intentions make CVC a comprehensive solution to your fitness goals whether you want to increase strength, lose weight, or simply lean out and increase muscle tone.

Unlike our fitness program, CVC does not include any pull-ups, handstands, running (more than 10m at a time), and/or barbell movements.