3XF Story

3xF stands for Form, Function and Fitness; in that order.


We believe if you are going to do something, you should do it right.  Form is the foundation of both an efficient and effective fitness routine and a healthy life.  Proper movement not only prevents injuries and provides rehabilitation of old injuries; it also increases strength and range of motion with or without equipment.  Form should be the focus for anyone beginning an exercise program and for anyone wanting to take their current routine to the next level.


Some people exercise for the joy of it, but most people need to understand how working out applies to their everyday life.  At 3xF, we believe what you do in the gym should apply to your life outside of the gym. So we create programs that help you function better at home, at work, and in athletics.  Once you learn proper movement, we show you how to make that movement applicable to a wide variety of tasks.  


There is no one definition of fitness, so we help you define fitness as it applies to your goals.  Fitness should be measured by your quality of life.  We help you improve on the things that are important to you and excel at the things you love.